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Ancient, Goa'uld - English

Ancient, Goauld - English Translations
English - Ancient/Goa'uld Translations
Ancient - English translations
English - Goa'uld translations
Goa'uld - English translations
English - Ancient translations

Adurna - water

Agaeti Blodhren - Blood-oath Celebration

Ai varden abr du Shurtugalar gata vanta - A warden of the Riders lacks passage

Aiedail - the morning star

Ai'emain - Stand up! / Rise!

A'lada spryng - Go, went through the Stargate

Alkesh - A mid-range Goa'uld attack vessel

Anise - Noble strength

Aptr - backward

Aray Kree - Stay where you are!

Arget - silver

Argetlam - Silver Hand

Arik tree'ak te kek - We do not surrender, even in death

A'roush - Village

Ash'rak - Gao'uld elite assassin / also means "hunter"

Atra esterni ono thelduin - May good forutne rule over you

Atra gulai un ilian tauth ono un atra waise skolir fra rauthr. - Let luck and happiness follow you and may you be shielded from misfortune.

Atra nosu saise fricai - Let us be friends.

Atra nuso waise vardo fra eld hornya - Let us be warded from listeners

Ba'ja'kakma'te - I greet you too

Bashaak - The training ritual of Jaffa

Bi'bo - Do you want?/ Take!

Bjartskular - Brightscales

Blothr - Halt; stop

Boetq istalri - Broad fire!

Boni'iqua - Why?

Bonnie - Good / tasteful

Bonniewae - Very good

Bradio - Come on!/ Now go!/ Hurry!

Brakka du vanyali sem huildar Saphira un eka! - Reduce the magic that holds Saphira and me!

Breoal - family; house

Brisingr - fire

Cal'mah - Sanctuary

Chaapa'ai - Stargate

Dagshelgr - Hallowed Day

Dal Shaka mel - "I die free"

Deloi - Earth

Deloi moi! - Earth, change!

Delois - a green-leafed plant with purple flowers.

Di'bro, das weiafei, doo'wa - People, welcome them, the gods have come

Di'dak'dida - You dare?!

Domina abr Wyrda - Dominance of Fate.

Dras - city

Draumr kopa - dream stare

Du Fells Nangoroth - The Blasted Mountains

Du Fyrn Skulblaka - The Dragon War

Du grind huildr! - Hold the Gate!

Du Silbena Datia - The Sighing Mists

Du Sundavar Freohr - Death of the Shadows

Du Vollar Eldrvarya - The Burning Plains

Du Vrangr Gata - The Wondering Path

Du Weldenvarden - The Guarding Forest

Dvergar - dwarves

Ebrithil - master

Edocsil - Unconquerable

Edur - Promise

Eitha - go; leave

Eka ai fricai un Shrtugal! - I am a Rider and a friend!

Elda - a gender-neutral honorific of great praise

Ethgri - invoke

Eyddr eyreya onr! - Empty your ears!

Fairth - a picture taken by magical means

Fethrblaka, eka weohnata neiat haina ono. - Bird, I will not harm you.

Fethrblaka, eka weohnata neiat haina ono. Nlaka eom iet lam. - Bird, I will not harm you. Flap to my hand.

Finiarel - an honorific for a young man of great promise

Fi'nu - Finish!

Fram - forward

Gala O Wyrda brunhvitr/Abr Berundal vand-fodhr/Burthro laufsbladar ekar undir/Eom kona dauthleikr - Sing O whitebrowed Fate/Of illmarked Berunda/Born under oaken leaves/To mortal women

Ganga - go

Ganga aptr - go backward

Ganga fram - go forward

Garjzla - light

Gath - Unite

Gath sem oro un lam iet - Unite that arrow with my hand

Gath un reisa du rakr! - Unite and raise the mist!

Gedwey ignasia - shining palm

Geuloth du knifr! - Dull the knife!

Hakoor kra terak shree - Banished to oblivion

Haldthin - thornapple

Harsesis - Child born of two Goa'uld

Hasshak (or Ha'shak) - fool/ very weak individual

Ha'taaka - A derogatory word, exact meaning unknown

Helgrind - The Gates of Death

Hi'ato - Walk on!

Hlaupa - run

Hljodhr - silent

Hok - Advanced

Hok'taur - Advanced human

Hugin! - Thought!

Iet - my

Ihn'tar - Jaffa training weapon, able to change shapes to resemble other weapons

In'trom popra Cursor're - "To enter by infiltration"

I'ra be'bju - Is that for me?

Jankin - Search/ Tell at once

Jierda - break; hit

Jierda theirra kalfis! - Break their calves!

Jona say kru - Challenge of leadership

Ju'iu - See!

Kalach - Soul

Kalash - One's Soul

Kal'ma - Help/ Assylum

Kalmah - Child

Kaltek sheltak - Victory or Death

Kegalo - Silence!

Ke'i - Kneel

Kel mar Tokeem - "Revenge by the wearer of horns."

Kel Sha - Hello/ I greet you.

Kel-nor-reem - Jaffa meditative state, allowing host and symbiote to align their consciousness.

Kel'sha - It will be so.

Ki'banja'swei - We must hide!

Kodthr - catch

Korush'nai - "Turn Back" warning for a planet destroyed by the Goa'uld.

Kree - Attention!

Kree sha - Bye

Kree tall - Obey/ Beware

Kree'ta - Go away from there!/ Stop that!

Kresh'taa - Outcasts

Kunungr - King

Kvetha Fricai - Greetings, Friend

Lek tol - Goodbye

Lethrblaka - bat

Letta - stop

Letta orya thorna! - Stop those arrows!

Liduen Kvaedhi - Poetic Script

Losna kalfya iet - Release my calves

Lotar - A Goa'uld's most trusted servant

Mai'tac - damn

Ma'l Sharran - Last Right

Malthiane - to bind or hold in place; confine

Manin! - Memory!

Manin! Wyrda! Hugin! - Memory! Fate! Thought!

Me - I, my, mine

Mid'cha - Pay attention

Mikta - A derogatory term meaning one's backside. As when Aris Boch said "You are a pain in the mikta."

Mi'la tu'tu - Is everything alright?

Moi - change

Moi stern! - Stone, change!

Morranr - peace

Morranr lifa unin hjarta onr - Peace live in your heart

Na'binim - What's that?

Nafi - Right!/ Correct!

Nagz - blanket

Nagz reisa! - Blanket, rise!

Nalgask - oil

Nanb'tu'qua - How are you?

Na'noweia si'taia - You are here to destroy me.

Ne'nai - don't/ not

Niush nio - Everyone, look!

Ni'ya - listen

Nlaka eom iet lam. - Flap to my hand.

Noc - No

Noc'ri'ton - Help me out of here.

Nowe - Here (as in giving something back)

Oma Desala - "Mother Nature"

Osthato Chetowa - the Mourning Sage

Pa'Kree - What's up?/ So what's up now?

Pel'tak - Flight control room on a Cheops class warship.

Pomnuria - my

Prim'ta - Goa'uld implantation ceremony when a Jaffa receives first Symbiote.

Quell shak - Advise us.

Ral tora'ke - "Good Luck"

Reisa - rise

Reisa du adurna - Raise the water

Remoc - It is something with leaving hyperspace of a cheops Class

Renek - Honor

Re'sapai - Is this yours?

Rhe'u - Stay back

Rin'tel'noc - Go away from me.

Ristvak baen - Place of Sorrow

Ris'vi he'u - Close the doors.

Satta-Cake - desert/treat on Chulak

Se morranr ono finna - May you find peace

Se onr sverdar sitja hvass! - May your swords stay sharp!

Se orum thornessa havr sharjalvi lifs. - May this serpent have life's movement

Se'biu - Come with us?

Seithr - witch

Semue - rise/ come back to life

Shak'ti'qua - What do you think you are doing?

Shal met - Well done

Shalme - Cheers!

Sha'lokma'kor - get them/ kill them

Sheril'nocin - Cool/ wow

Shesh'ta - Unit of Jaffa currency

Shibio diu - Strangers!

Shimrota - Watch out!

Shol'va - Traitor

Shor'wai'e-Yas-Yas - Hurry up! Now! Now!

Shur'tugal - Dragon Rider

Si'nu - Wait!

Skolir - shielded

Skulblaka - dragon

Skulblaka, eka celobra ono un mulabra ono un onr Shur’tugal ne’ hainia. Atra nosu waise fricai. - Dragon, I honor you and mean you and your Rider no harm. Let us be friends.

Skulblaka, eka celobra ono un mulabra ono un onr Shur'tugal ne'hainia - Dragon, I honor you and mean you and your Rider no harm.

Slytha - sleep

Stenr - stone

Stenr reisa! - Raise stone!

Stenr - stone

Stydja unin mor'ranr - Rest in peace

Stydja unin mor'ranr, Hrothgar Konungr. - Rest in peace, King Hrothgar.

Svit-kona - a formal honorific for an elf of great wisdom

Swaic - Understood?

Tacluchnatagamuntoron (TAC) - A Gao'uld guard device/ A small globe shaped devicethat uses Heat-Seeking sensors to fire upon anything that moves.

Tal met pal tien shree...tal'mah - "Our love does not end in death."

Tal pat ryn - "Falling star"

Tal'chak'amel - I won't do that.

Tal'mac - My name is/ I am

Tal'mak - A world that is no longer populated.

Tal'mal'tiak mal we'ia - I am honored

Tal'shak - Come on/ Do it

Tal'vak - An acid used in torture

Tao qua - Dead

Tao've'nu - You won't believe it/ unbelievable

Tau'ri - Earth/ people from Earth

Teal'c - "Strength"

Tek mal arik tiak - "You will not be forgotten." (A Tok'ra eulogy)

Tek'ma'tey - Greeting of respect

Tek'ma'tek - Friends well met

Tel'ak - Extinct

Thrysta - thrust; compress

Thrysta deloi - Compress the earth

Thverr stern un atra eka ho'rna! - Traverse stone and let me hear!

Ti'bia - Yours/ that is yours

Ti'u - Yes!

Togira Ikonoka - the Cripple Who Is Whole

Tok - against

Tok'ra - "Against Ra"/ The Goa'uld Resistance

Tuat - The underworld

Tuatha du orohrim - temping the fools wisdom

Tun'c ma'le - Great/ Super

Tyger - stop it!/ end

Un du evarinya ono varda - And the stars watch over you

Un du evarinya ono varda - May good forutne rule over you/Peace live in your heart/ And the stars watch over you

Varden - the Warders

Vel einradhin iet ai Shur'tugal - Upon my word as a Rider

Vinr Alfakyn - Elf Friend

Vi'toi - Give me that.

Vo'cume - small sphere that recordsand plays back messages.

Vodhr - male honorific of middling praise

Vondr - a thin, straight stick

Vor - male honorific for a close friend

Waise heill! - Be healed!

Wiol omnuria ilian - For my happiness.

Wiol ono - For you

Wyrda! - Fate!

Wyrdfell - elven name for Forsworn

Ya'isid ma'gue - We must leave.

Ya'ol'wa - What's the matter?

Yawe - a bond of trust

Yo - Stop, listen!

Zar'roc - misery

Zatarc - A victim of Goa'uld technology

Zat'nikatel - Goa'uld hand held weapon. One shot causes great pain, two shots will kill, and a third shot disintegrates.

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